Celebrating my birthday … artistically!

Prior to my birthday, all my friends were asking, “Hey Cindy, what do you want to do for your birthday… how about dinner, a walk on the beach?” and many other suggestions. Their intention and ideas were filled with love and thoughtfulness, yet I wasn’t feeling it! Suddenly, I was awaken with how I wanted to spend my birthday. Most of all surrounded by sensational girlfriends, in a creative atmosphere, sharing in wild and fun conversation, while making art!

So, the following week twelve friends and I gathered at Art Lounge on 101 to make mosaic picture frames. Our fantastic teacher, Diane Ziegler, provided all the materials… the frames, hand-made colorful mosaic tiles, a variety of embellishments, trinkets and most of all her guidance. We had a blast from hammering the tiles, selecting our color scheme, embellishing and designing the finished picture frame.

My birthday was ALL I wanted it to be… an evening with friends, alive with creative energy and with a lasting memory and my own hand-crafted picture frame with a photograph of my girlfriends.

How would you like to celebrate your birthday or a special event??? Ask us about renting Art Lounge for your special occasion!

— Cindy Blumkin

Pictured is my friend Norma with her beautiful picture frame!