My search for Purpose, Peace and Passion…

This New Year my fortune cookie read “You will find peace, purpose and passion”.

Years ago I began a tradition of giving my family and friends a fortune cookie on New Year’s  Day. I found this tradition to be a fun, entertaining and a humorous way to predict the upcoming year. This year, my cookie was exciting and filled with hope and promise. I was searching for a place to be creative, meditative and artfully expressive. My path unexpectedly intersected with an amazing artist and graphic designer, Nancy Walter. We were distant acquaintances with a common vision; a desire for a creative teaching space. Without delay and with a big leap of faith we began the plan for Art Lounge on 101.

Life is filled with surprises!

As my fortune cookie said: PURPOSE. Meeting Nancy has been filled with purpose and our collaboration has been the formation of Art Lounge on 101.

Secondly PEACE: Nancy and I imagined an intimate, peaceful art teaching studio. Luckily, the ideal space occurred in Downtown Encinitas which is a historic community that resonates a casual, peaceful  and creative feeling.

My third word was: PASSION. Playing in the world of art and being with artful people is one of my passions. I consider myself an artistic soul, and I’ve really enjoyed taking art classes. My present desire is to be in my passion and indulge my artistic curiosity. Therefore, Art Lounge on 101 is my new home, where I can play, create and realize Purpose, Peace and Passion.

I invite all of you seeking the 3 P’s to join me in nurturing your creative souls, and to experience the gratification of your own expression and sense of creativity!!! We all have it inside, just waiting to come out!!!

Cindy Blumkin — Co-Founder