Art Lounge is my “inner retreat”

As an art gallery owner (Art n Soul on 101) I am FREQUENTLY asked the question, which art is yours?? I respond, NONE, and they continue to be curious as to why and how I started an artisans’ gallery. I strongly believe in grass-roots and community art and wanted a venue for many artists that are just beginning to go PUBLIC with their art. After 10 years of ownership and many people asking if they we offered art classes, I finally opened Art Lounge on 101 with my partner Nancy Walter.

Everyday I am so blessed to be surrounded and inspired by art. For years I have wanted to explore my “inner creativity” and Art Lounge is my “inner retreat”, a quiet guided studio to tap my creative juices. I am so eager to enroll in the Gypsy Caravan classes and many of the other upcoming classes. This year my friends, family and kids will be receiving gifts made from my hands. Perfect or imperfect a gift from the hands and heart seems to impart true LOVE!!!

Everybody is an artist… just like everyone can dance and everyone can sing… perhaps some better than others.. but let go of judgment and you will discover a great sense of creative FREEDOM!!

— Cindy Blumkin