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My search for Purpose, Peace and Passion…

This New Year my fortune cookie read “You will find peace, purpose and passion”.

Years ago I began a tradition of giving my family and friends a fortune cookie on New Year’s  Day. I found this tradition to be a fun, entertaining and a humorous way to predict the upcoming year. This year, my cookie was exciting and filled with hope and promise. I was searching for a place to be creative, meditative and artfully expressive. My path unexpectedly intersected with an amazing artist and graphic designer, Nancy Walter. We were distant acquaintances with a common vision; a desire for a creative teaching space. Without delay and with a big leap of faith we began the plan for Art Lounge on 101.

Life is filled with surprises!

As my fortune cookie said: PURPOSE. Meeting Nancy has been filled with purpose and our collaboration has been the formation of Art Lounge on 101.

Secondly PEACE: Nancy and I imagined an intimate, peaceful art teaching studio. Luckily, the ideal space occurred in Downtown Encinitas which is a historic community that resonates a casual, peaceful  and creative feeling.

My third word was: PASSION. Playing in the world of art and being with artful people is one of my passions. I consider myself an artistic soul, and I’ve really enjoyed taking art classes. My present desire is to be in my passion and indulge my artistic curiosity. Therefore, Art Lounge on 101 is my new home, where I can play, create and realize Purpose, Peace and Passion.

I invite all of you seeking the 3 P’s to join me in nurturing your creative souls, and to experience the gratification of your own expression and sense of creativity!!! We all have it inside, just waiting to come out!!!

Cindy Blumkin — Co-Founder

Open House: Encinitas Street Fair

Saturday April 23-24, 2016, 12-4 PM
Throughout South Highway 101
Open House at Art Lounge on 101
816 S Coast Highway 101 Encinitas 92014

Perfect opportunity to introduce people to studio and enroll them in classes and mailing list. We encourage all teachers to participate in HOSTING on either day and meet and recruit new students!!! If interested: Please respond to artloungeon101@gmail.com (with Street Fair in the subject line) and provide details of the day and hours you want to commit to. Cindy will be present all day promoting and greeting the community with you.

Gypsy Caravan: Express your Creativity!

Groove in your artistic spirit. Be guided by the Art Lounge teachers and make your own Holiday Gifts. The creative atmosphere will inspire your imagination, expand your artistic flow as you discover the JOY of making your own gifts.

Come Make Art and Play!

Choose your favorite classes and day … classes will take place from 9am to 9pm

Gypsy Caravan Classes: Saturday, October 15, 2016   

• 9:00am–12:00pm  |  Janis Reeser: Gypsy Journal

• 1:00–4:00pm  |  Linda Luisi: Pressed Flower Gift Cards and Gift Tags

• 6:00–9:00pm  |  Paige Perkins: Succulent Pumpkins

Gypsy Caravan Classes: 
Saturday, November 5, 2016: 

• 9:30am–1:00pm  | Amanda Letscher: Indigo Fabric Dyeing

• 2:00–5:00pm  |  Shawna Leslie: Vintage Jewelry Workshop

• 6:00–9:00pm  |  Paige Perkins: Succulent Hanging Dish

Gypsy Caravan Classes: Saturday, December 3, 2016   

• 10:00am–1:00pm  |  A Big Surprise

• 2:00–5:00pm  |  Tami Zohar: Nuno-Felt Scarf Design

• 6:00–9:00pm  |  Diane Ziegler: Mosaic Picture Frames

Sign up today!

Shop hand-crafted… gift from the heart!

We are excited to announce our first ever Holiday Bazaar!

Sunday December 11, 2016, 12-4:30PM

All items in our pop-up-shop will be handmade by local artists and they are working feverishly to get their hand-crafted goods ready to sell at our first annual Art Lounge Holiday Bazaar.

We believe gifts have a special and unique feeling when made by the hands of artisans. Our Holiday Bazaar will feature lots of gift-giving treasures, all priced at $200 or less. The selection will include jewelry, felted-silk scarves, greeting cards, mosaic picture frames, paintings, handmade books, succulents and lots, lots more!!

The shopping atmosphere will be enhanced by the sound of music, face painting, card reading, a henna artist, beverages and a great ARTSY vibe!  We hope you can join us! Check back for times and details!