Ushering in 2017

The year of 2016 my partner, Nancy and I opened the doors of Art Lounge on 101 to provide an intimate art teaching studio. As I am now a TRUE believer in fate and destiny I believe our story will arouse similar feelings for you. Nancy, an artist and graphic designer and I, the owner of an Encinitas art gallery, Art n Soul on 101, independently and not knowing one another had an IDEA to open an art studio. Merely, by coincidence, (or fate and destiny) we met in the neighboring frame shop where we overheard one another talking about wanting to rent the space around the corner which is now THANKFULLY the Lounge.  The essence of Art Lounge began this wildly unexpected meeting and our  simple trust, passion, and a heartfelt desire to develop a community-based teaching studio. Our mutual vision was to offer diverse mediums within an intimate space for all ages and levels of creative souls to meet, gather and express their creativity!! Our journey began and the destiny is magically unfolding.

Since opening  Art Lounge, my personal excitement for exploring my creative inclinations has been  delightful and gratifying. Although, I am the owner of an art gallery, I rarely indulged my own artistic sensitivities. Meeting the teachers and viewing the classes has made it simply irresistible  not explore my expressive side. Over the past year I took different classes and found my deepest passion in art journaling. I am more unstructured and organic towards art. The process of art journaling takes me on a meditative path while guiding me into a deep and timeless creative world. It is abundantly joyous !

So, for all of you DOUBTERS, who think of yourself as not being artistic I say “NOT TRUE” you must “EXPLORE YOU”. There is a medium for everyone and once you FIND “IT” you will be “BIT” with the LOVE of ART and CREATIVITY!!!  So, a big thanks to Art Lounge and the amazing teachers for making this past year, 2016, a divine year of creative and expressive growth for me!

Upon closing 2016 and moving into 2017 I am forever GRATEFUL for meeting Nancy, birthing the Art Lounge and meeting so many interesting students, teachers and joining in the  CREATIVE playground. Last but not least, a big thank-you to Nadya for her team assistance.

It’s been a GREAT RIDE and it’s just beginning!

Love and Cheers. Wishing Everyone Peace, Love and the Joy of Creative Expression.
Cindy Blumkin, co-founder

A Cool Place to Create!

Encinitas is a truly one-of-a-kind town. With wonderful beaches, restaurants, shops and near-constant beautiful weather, it’s hard to think of a nicer place…

About a year ago, Cindy and I were talking about the one thing that this great town of ours was missing… a studio for artists of every level to gather, create, learn and share. We already knew how creative and art-loving the people of North County were, and that they NEEDED a place where they could not only take classes of differing mediums, but teach them too.

The place we envisioned would foster all types of creating, from drawing and painting to printmaking and basket weaving. A place for the experienced and the novice, the young and the young at heart—a place we had never seen before!

And thus the seed for Art Lounge on 101 was planted… and continues to grow.

We are so happy to offer a creative space where creative folk can learn new techniques, brush up on old favorites, and grow creatively and personally. Another aspect that we are particularly proud of is the fact that most of our instructors are local artists, with the exception of the occasional visiting artist.

Art Lounge is unique! We have scheduled classes (you can browse and sign-up for those here), but our space can also be reserved for private events. Whether you’re looking to teach a class to friends, host a birthday party or anything else you can think of, our little studio can accommodate you.

Our space is designed to feed your soul through artistic expression and community. We hope you enjoy your time at Art Lounge and thank you for being a part of our artistic family.

—Nancy Walter, Co-Founder & Instructor